Music Independent Work


MUSC0500 Independent Study and MUSC0704 Senior Work

Proposal for Approval

Project content guidelines

Typical project examples

MUSC0500 Independent Study

MUSC0704 Senior Work

Written thesis

20-30 pages

50-100 pages

Concert performance and written essay

10-15 pages

20-30 pages

Composition(s) and written essay

10-15 pages

20-30 pages

Composition(s), performance, and written essay

10-15 pages

20-30 pages

Edition of musical work taken from a manuscript or early printed source, with written explanatory essay

Length dictated by material Length dictated by material

Project Timelines


When? - Fall and Winter Term projects


Spring Term projects

Find advisor(s), discuss and refine proposal

Well before deadline indicated below* to allow time for planning and revision

Well before deadline indicated below* to allow time for planning and revision

Submit proposal to Music Department for approval. Be sure you have gotten all required signatures before submitting (Department chair will not sign until the proposal has been discussed at a music faculty meeting.)

April 1* of the previous academic year

Senior Work: April 1* of the previous academic year

MUSC0500: October 15* of the previous year

Final due date of completed project

Friday of first week of Fall final exam period, or last day of winter term classes

Friday of first week of Spring final exam period

*Project submitted after these dates will have a much lower chance of approval, and will not receive added funding.

Proposal Form

Name: ___________________________________________________ Date: _______________

ID Number: ______________________ Class: ______________

Phone: _____________________ Box #____________________

Semester(s) of work: ____________________________________

Are you a music major or minor: ____ IF NOT, you must get approval from the Administration Committee (Dean of Student Affairs office) before enrolling in MUSC0500 or MUSC0704. (Please see section 1 of the Project Guidelines.)

Music courses taken in preparation for independent work:

Other experiences relevant to the proposed project:

Attach a copy of your 500-704 project proposal. In your proposal you should outline project aims and goals, your reasons for undertaking the work, and how and by whom your project is to be advised and evaluated.

Before submitting your proposal for department approval, you must have the approval of your proposed supervisor, as well as the applied faculty member coaching you, if applicable. Once members of the department have discussed and approved the project, the department chair will sign this form.

Signature of music faculty member who will act as project

supervisor ____________________________________________


Signature of applied faculty member supervisor (when

applicable) ________________________________


Signature of department chair


date _________________________

Return to the Music Department, room 307, Center for the Arts

Schedule of completion of phases of the project:

Goal/phase completion (date)

Goal/phase completion (date)

Goal/phase completion (date)

Goal/phase completion (date)

Will you need any further support from the Music Department beyond the usual advising and/or coaching? If so, please describe below:

If your project is a performance……:


704 project: About 60 minutes of music

500 project: About 30 – 40 minutes of music. We strongly recommend that students offering a 500 project team up with another student doing such a project, to make a full-length concert.

2. IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT ACCOMPANISTS: If you are a vocalist or someone else needing an accompanist, hour project advisor can help you arrange this. You are strongly encouraged to arrange to work with a student accompanist. If you must use a professional accompanist, you must first get approval from the department to spend these funds. Projects will not be approved without a budget. It is your responsibility (if your project is a 704) to apply for Senior Work Funds to help cover these expenses, and any other expenses you may incur with your project. The Music Department regrets that it is not possible to pay an accompanist whose work has not been approved ahead of time.


* In the CFA Concert Hall: After your project has been approved, see the Scheduling Coordinator in CFA 128 (next to the box office) to schedule your concert date and time. At this time, it’s also a good idea to schedule your dress rehearsal.

NB: 500 recitals, where possible, should be offered in pairs (see guideline 2 above). It is your responsibility to discuss with Mark Christensen, Concert Hall Technical Director (ext. 3174) your technical and equipment needs.

Note: You will not be able to schedule a concert date without having gotten departmental approval of your concert.

Other venues: If you plan to have your concert somewhere beside the concert hall, in order to avoid scheduling conflicts, please consult with the department before scheduling, to avoid holding two music department events at the same time.

  1. POSTERS: You are responsible for creating your poster and posting it on campus. The Music Department will pay for photo-copying black and white posters (not color) at Reprographics. There are places where you can get support in creating your poster, like Information Technology Services.
  1. PROGRAM: Please e-mail it to the department coordinator at least one week before your recital. She will put the finishing touches on it and take it to Reprographics.

Program margins and parameters:

Left margin: 2.25 in.

Right margin: 2.25 in.

Top: 2.0 in.

Bottom: 2.5 in.

Program notes are required. Short bios add a personal touch. Be sure to include the composers and their dates for each work to be performed.

Proposal for

Music Department Funding of MUSC0500 and 0704 Projects

And Non-Credit Student Performances


DEADLINES: Previous April 1 for fall term, and previous October 15 for winter and spring terms. Budget proposals must be submitted at the same time as the performance proposal, and will not be considered after the above due dates. Please be sure to include the cost of your complimentary lessons as part of the budget.


Senior Work Funds

Students working on MUSC0704 projects are expected to apply for Senior Work Funds, through which a student can receive up to $300.00. Music Department funding can be considered only after senior work funds have been applied for.


Please speak with your project advisor or the Departmental academic coordinator (ext. 5221) if you have questions.


Name: _____________________________________________________ Date:________


Semester of performance/project: ____________________________________________


Amount requested: __________


Itemization of what the funds will cover:




 Signature of project advisor or performance coach:



Signature of Music Dept. Chair, indicating of approval of proposal: