Ethnomusicology and World Music


Middlebury's ethnomusicology and world music courses introduce students to the world’s musical phenomena through traditional and unconventional pedagogy. Students also perform in the African Music and Dance Ensemble, engage in ethnomusicological research, and learn from distinguished guest scholars and performers.

Ethnomusicology and World Music Courses

  • MUSC 0134 (Introduction to World Music)
  • MUSC 0244 (African Music and Dance Performance)
  • MUSC 0234 (Music in World Cultures)
  • MUSC 0235 (Ethnomusicological Research)
  • MUSC 0236 (African Soundscapes)
  • MUSC 0400 (Senior Seminar in Ethnomusicology)

Middlebury African Music and Dance Ensemble

The Middlebury African Music and Dance Ensemble is the core of the MUSC 0244 (African Music and Dance Performance) course, in which students with or without a musical background enroll for one (1) credit. Students learn about African culture through a rich, hands-on experience with numerous Ugandan musical instruments, on which they perform traditional music and dances and original compositions by the Ensemble’s director. The Ensemble gives end-of-semester concerts and performs at various College events.   



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