Bennett Konesni Work Song talk 4/21/10


Bennett Konesni on a boat in Ghana
The Middlebury College Rohatyn Center, and Departments of Biology, Geology, Music, and Sociology/Anthropology present


"Work/Song: the musical transformation of
labor, culture and place"

A talk by T.J. Watson Fellow
Bennett Konesni ’04.5

From shipboard chants to cattle yodels, people around the world have found musical ways to make difficult work more enjoyable, to shape and connect with their environment, and to express the joy and sorrow of everyday life. Bennett Konesni '04.5 will explore these topics in a 30-minute self-produced documentary film entitled "Work/Song: Musical Labor of Farmers, Herders and Fishermen in Tanzania, Mongolia and Ghana," after which he will discuss and demonstrate the ways people merge song and labor in unique settings.  From the culture and geography of song to the ecology of rural soundscapes, this discussion will be an intimate look at the intersection between music, culture, ecology and geography.  
Wednesday, April 21, 7:00 pm, Robert A. Jones Conference Room





Department of Music

Mahaney Center for the Arts
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