Top Ten FAQs

Which Language School application should I complete to apply to the School of Hebrew?

Please complete "8 week or 7 week program for undergraduate level course," even if you are a graduate student. You will find the School of Hebrew on the Program Selection page in the drop down menu next to Language and Session.

How do I know which level to apply to?

Please review the course listings on the Curriculum page of the School of Hebrew website for descriptions of each level.

If you apply to level 2 or higher a placement exam is required. Placement exams are given during arrival weekend.

What if my Hebrew proficiency improves between now and the start of the program?

You will have an opportunity to take a placement exam at the start of the program to finalize placement into the appropriate level.

How serious is Middlebury about the Language Pledge?

The School of Hebrew director, faculty and staff take the Language Pledge very seriously. It is a critical component of the program and its successful track record for gaining foreign language proficiency in a short time frame.

I currently cannot speak any Hebrew. Do I still need to take the Pledge?

Beginning level students are able to take a modified Language Pledge which will allow some latitude for the first 2 weeks of the program. The Faculty and staff appreciate the difficulties you may face attempting to express yourself with limited proficiency. You will find them very supportive and helpful throughout the program but especially as you make your way through the initial couple of weeks.

What do School of Hebrew students do in their spare time?

In addition to 5 hours of class time a day, the School of Hebrew conducts cocurricular activities in the late afternoons and evenings, most days of the week. Free time is often spent studying, resting or using the Middlebury College facilities.

May I leave campus during the program?

Students are allowed to leave campus during the program but are asked to respect the Language Pledge off campus as well as on. Absences involving missed classes or major events must be pre approved by the Director of the program. Please inform the School of Hebrew Coordinator if you are aware of any absences ahead of time.

I have friends and family who speak Hebrew. May they visit me during the program?

Visits from Hebrew-speaking friends and family are allowed. Please inform them ahead of time of the Language Pledge. If you receive a visit from a non-Hebrew-speaking friend or family member, please hold all conversations in private, out of respect for your classmates observing the Language Pledge.

I observe Shabbat. Are services available? Will this cause me to miss important events?

The School of Hebrew student body is typically very diverse. However, the schedule is light on Friday evenings and Saturdays. Information regarding Shabbat services on campus is available here.

Are Kosher meals available on campus?

The School of Hebrew has a certificate of operation for the first fully Kosher Kitchen on campus. Students in the School of Hebrew, as well as those studying other languages, will be able to use this facility throughout the summer session.

If your question is not addressed here, please contact the School of Hebrew coordinator with any additional questions (contact info at left).


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