Elias Shakkour
Elias Shakkour, Level 4

MA, German, Middlebury College

MA, Conference Interpretation

Monterey Institute of International Studies

Elias Shakkour grew up in Jerusalem, speaking Arabic, English, and a little Hebrew. As an undergraduate student at Colgate, he came to study in the Middlebury German School. After getting his BA in German at Colgate, Elias earned an MA in interpreting at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. Now he's studying Hebrew at Middlebury.

"One of the problems that we have in Israel is that one group doesn't speak the other group's language. As an Arab citizen of Israel, I want to learn to speak Hebrew, so I can communicate better with the Jewish citizens of Israel. That is an example of what I hope to see in everyone."

Daniel Schley, student profile photoDaniel Schley, Level 4

Kathryn Davis Peace Fellow

Current Undergraduate, Dartmouth College

As a first-year seminary student, Daniel Schley needed to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in Hebrew. With that in mind, he came to Middlebury in 2008 to learn as much as possible in one summer.

"I entered as a beginner, but when I matriculated into the seminary I was placed in the highest-level class for incoming non-Israeli students—in other words, students who had already enjoyed many years of language instruction. Classes are small, the students are bright and motivated to learn, professors are easily accessible, and the breadth of cocurricular activities forces us to develop a large vocabulary to cover a wide variety of situations. This program has made me a confident speaker of Hebrew."

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