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@Middlebury is a unique program where companies, with a significant presence of Middlebury alumni, send their employees back to campus to engage with current students. These alumni-turned-employees share valuable insights into career opportunities within their company, drawing from their own experiences. They offer advice on navigating the recruitment process and provide tips for success. 

Additionally, @Middlebury features one-on-one resume review sessions for students seeking personalized feedback, as well as interactive breakout sessions led by alumni to delve deeper into their respective functional roles and discuss future trends in their industries. 

It’s an opportunity for students to connect with successful alumni and gain a firsthand understanding of career pathways post-graduation.

Past @Middlebury Events

  • Google@Middlebury (October 26-27, 2023)
  • Google@Middlebury (October 9-10, 2016)
  • Google@Middlebury (October 4-5, 2015)
  • Goldman Sachs@Middlebury (September 21-22, 2015)