Dear Language Schools Faculty, Staff, and Students„

I write to share some COVID-19 updates and resources, including some special instructions for various campuses. 

New Reporting Form: We now have a single COVID-19 reporting form that will replace the previous student and employee forms. The new form will be used by all faculty, staff, and students on both the Middlebury and Bennington campuses to report any positive test results for COVID-19. Please keep in mind, it is mandatory to submit this form, so we can track cases and make policy decisions. 

Middlebury College: We continue to have daily reported cases of COVID-19 on the Middlebury College campus. If you test positive and feel it is not in your best interest or your roommate(s) to recover in your room due to preexisting medical conditions, please contact to request a move to an isolation location. We strongly encourage COVID-19 positive individuals to identify a person who can pick up meals for them during their School’s meal times. Updated guidelines for the Middlebury College campus were sent to you by email on Tuesday, July 12.

Bennington Campus: We have had a very small number of reported cases of COVID-19 in the last week. Protocols have not changed on the Bennington Campus.

Resources: Please continue to follow the COVID-19 Essentials Campus Guide. If you need to quickly consult protocols for the Language Schools, please follow the recommendations in the guides for the Middlebury campus and Bennington campus. For more detailed information, follow the Instructions for Those Exposed, Symptomatic, or Who Have Tested Positive for COVID-19.

Throughout the summer, please continue to check the Campus Status page if you have questions. We thank you for keeping our campuses safe and following the protocols. 


Steve Snyder, Dean of Language Schools