Dear Language Schools Faculty, Staff, and Students,

I write to share COVID-19 updates and resources. We have had a very small number of COVID-19 cases on both the Middlebury and Bennington campuses. As we start the final week of Language Schools, please continue to spend your time in small groups as much as possible and limit your travel off campus as well as visitors onto campus. 

Resources: All students and employees who test positive for COVID-19 are required to inform Middlebury using the COVID-19 reporting form. Please continue to follow the COVID-19 Essentials Campus Guide. If you need to quickly consult protocols for the Language Schools, please follow the recommendations in the guides for the Middlebury campus and Bennington campus. For more detailed information, follow the Instructions for Those Exposed, Symptomatic, or Who Have Tested Positive for COVID-19.

Please continue to check the Campus Status page if you have questions. We thank you for doing your part to keep our campuses safe and following the protocols this summer. 


Steve Snyder

Dean of Language Schools