Middlebury Language Schools will provide funding for our Japanese MA degree to qualified JET alumni in recognition of their commitment to language and cross-cultural exchange.


Depending on your demonstrated financial need, you are eligible to receive significant funding. More details.


JET alumni are eligible for our need-based graduate financial aid and an application fee waiver for the Master of Arts in Japanese. Our financial aid is awarded in the form of grants, not loans. This means that if you qualify, you will attend the School of Japanese at a reduced cost.


Applicants need to apply by the MA in Japanese application deadlines.

Application and Financial Aid

  1. Please review the graduate program application requirements and instructions.

  2. Once you have started your application (and before you have submitted it), please email the School of Japanese at japaneseschool@middlebury.edu to receive your application fee waiver.

  3. Once the waiver has been processed (typically within 24 hours), submit your application with the required transcripts, letters of recommendation, and language assessment.

  4. When you apply, indicate in the short answer questions that you’re affiliated with JET.

  5. Upon submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email which will include a link to our need-based financial aid application. Please complete and submit this application.