Three German language students eating lunch and laughing.

The 7-week session is designed for pure beginners to intermediate and advanced.


Classes normally meet four hours per day, five days per week. Homework and other assignments usually require four to six additional hours a day, and students are encouraged to choose from a wide array of cocurricular activities.

Each level of the program involves four hours of classroom instruction per day and carries a total of three units of credit (the equivalent of nine semester hours) for the entire program.

Learning German at the Middlebury Language Schools is FUN!

“It’s fun to be pushed so far outside of your comfort zone, and to open yourself up to a new way of thinking.” -Jillian, German School ‘23


Placement in a specific level is determined by language proficiency. All students take a language assessment prior to the start of the program. The language assessment is not part of the application process. Read more about level placement.


Immersion students can apply for need-based financial aid and merit-based fellowships and scholarships.

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