The German for Singers program includes a language component and a performance component.

Together, they provide a context for the musical interpretation of song, and of operatic and oratorio literature.

Language Component

For the language component, two units of credit are awarded, and the courses are offered on five levels.

Elementary German for Singers

Daily activities include three hours of classroom instruction, plus additional work in the language laboratory and the computer center. Emphasis will be placed on the grammatical structures of German, conversational survival skills, diction and pronunciation, as well as music vocabulary.

Early Intermediate German for Singers

Completion of this course corresponds to the equivalent of second and third semester German. The active use of all major points of basic grammar and vocabulary is stressed in order to bring students to a common working level in the four skills. During the second half, a greater emphasis will be placed on the development of writing skills and reading strategies with appropriate cultural and literary texts. Audio-visual materials supplement the four hours of daily classroom instruction. Listening comprehension and pronunciation practice require the use of the language laboratory.

Intermediate German for Singers

Daily activities include two hours of grammar review, conversation, and composition practice to develop the four basic language skills. Pronunciation and diction are an integral part of this course, which also requires some activities in the language laboratory and the computer center.

Advanced German for Singers

Advanced Grammar and Communication meets two hours per day to analyze and practice advanced grammatical structures, to provide intensive written and oral language training, to offer insights into the German ways of perception, and to develop communication and reading skills. Some additional work in the language laboratory and computer lab is required.

Advanced German for Singers II

Stylistics, Expository Writing, and Communication meets two hours per day and aims at strengthening the student’s ability to write and speak German at an advanced level.

Performance Component

A performance component carries one unit of credit and includes a daily performance class with a focus on expression through correct diction and vocal/musical style, as well as acting for the operatic stage; weekly private coachings; one public recital; one public performance of the summer’s opera project; and an intensive audition training workshop at the end of the program, offered by a German opera agent with years of experience and expertise in the field. Repertoire will include German Lieder, oratorio, and operatic arias for the recital. Students are expected to arrive with a minimum of three songs or arias memorized; additional assignments and work focused on the opera production will be announced during the summer.

Participants in the program enroll in a course titled “Diction and Culture for the German Stage” to complement their language level component.