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Dear California Colleagues,

We wanted to share some important updates on CTO procedures, both during and after the transition to Oracle HCM, our new human resources system.

  • First, please note that pay period 13 (June 8–June 21) is the last opportunity to transfer CTO to SLR in your timecard. This feature will NOT be available during the dual entry pay period, or ever again in Oracle HCM, so please ensure that what you transfer in pay period 13 will carry you through until pay period 15.
  • All CTO will accrue hourly in HCM by the same increments as our current plans. This is a change because in Banner, full-time employees receive a biweekly accrual of CTO. The net result in HCM will be the same, provided staff are using CTO, SLR, worked time, holiday, or C19—all of which accrue CTO—up to 80 hours per pay period.
  • The current year-round maximum of 187.5 CTO hours will remain in place going forward. When your balance hits the maximum, you will stop accruing CTO hours unless you request a manual transfer of hours. Human Resources will provide a form prior to pay period 15 through which employees can request that CTO be transferred to SLR. HR will then use this form to manually adjust your balances. This manual process will be available every three pay periods: 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, and 24.

We realize this is a lot of detail to digest, and we appreciate your efforts to adapt to this new system as we roll out HCM. If you have any questions about how the new CTO procedure will work, please email

Thank you,

Middlebury Human Resources

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