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Dear Colleagues:

The pay period starting June 1 is your last opportunity to transfer CTO hours to SLR and to enter Regular Previous Pay hours before we transition to Oracle HCM, our new human resources system.

Previous Pay
If you’re a nonexempt Middlebury employee with time from a previous pay period, you must enter that previous time in pay period 13, which ends June 14, 2020 (see diagram below).

Time sheet showing previous pay lines.

After HCM goes live on June 16, staff will complete dual entry in both Banner and Oracle HCM during that first pay period. If you still have time from a previous pay period after Oracle HCM launches, you will not be able to enter it in Oracle or Banner during the dual-entry pay period. Contact and the adjustment will be made in the following pay period. We hope to avoid that task!

CTO Transfer
Pay period 13 will be the last pay period when you can transfer CTO to SLR! This will not be available during the dual-entry pay period. For the Vermont campus, the standard fiscal year-end automatic transfer of excess CTO to SLR will occur after pay period 14 has run. Additional information about CTO changes will be coming soon.

If you have any questions about this process, please email

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