Image with Text

To add a block of copy with an accompanying image to your page, you will select “Add Image with Text” in the components tab toward the bottom of the page.

Content > Media

When you are ready to add your image and text, your options will include:

  • Adding a new image “new media” or an existing image “existing media”
  • Adding the image to the left of the copy or adding the image to the right of the copy

Content > Media

Next, you will have the opportunity to add “New Media” or “Existing Media”.

“New Media” is a file you have on your computer or another location you will need to upload to the site. “Existing Media” is a file you have already saved to the website and can find with the media files on the site.

You can learn how to upload images on this page.

Let’s add an image to the right side of the copy. To do so, select “Alignment: Right” here:

Content > Media

Then select “Add new media” or “Add existing media” to upload your photo.

You will be prompted to name your photo and add Alternative text. Alt text is text that describes the image. Sometimes, web pages cannot load an image, or a visitor is using assistive technology (such as a screen reader) to read the website. Alt text is needed to describe the image in these cases and will show up instead of the photo. Alt text also helps search engines understand what an image is about. For tips on adding effective alt text, see tips on this page.

You may also give your image a caption and/or photo credit, though these are not required fields.

Next, select “Create New Media”.

To add copy, you will type into the text box here:

Content > Media

For more about addint text, see Text Component.

Once you have reviewed your copy and image, select the blue “Save” button at the bottom of the page. Your page will look like this:

Content > Media