Content Types

The website has a number of pre-built types of content, each with different fields and components depending on the information to be shown. For each page, you should pick the content type best suited to displaying the information you want to convey. Six content types are available to all editors with another six reserved for the operations group.

Content Types for all Web Editors

  • Basic Content: The most common content type provides a basic page with many component choices and a navigation menu.
  • Event: Contains date, time, and location fields used to publicize events.
  • Profile: Records contact and biography information for individuals.
  • Profile Listing: A list of Profile content with optional additional text.
  • Story: The content type for news stories.
  • Top Level: A section landing page without a navigation menu.

Content Types Reserved for the Operations Group

These are primarily pages we expect to set up once which aggregate content from other sections of the site.

  • Area of Focus: Aggregates content based on a thematic tag.
  • Audience: Landing page for particular groups of people, like current students or alumni.
  • Center: A research center landing page.
  • Homepage: A version of the homepage of the website.
  • Newsroom: Allow you to aggregate news stories based on tags.
  • Program: An academic program landing page.

Adding a new page

When you first log in to the admin interface you will be presented with the main “Content” page. It is important to understand that with the new website, all content is created at this screen. You will not navigate to a page and create a “subpage” like in the old website. All of your work in now done right here.

Screenshot of main Content screen

Click the blue ”+ Add Content” button towards the top of the page. The next screen will present you will a list of available content types.

Screenshot of the content type selection page

Select the content type that you want to work with and this will take you to the main editing page for this content type.

Managing the Menu, Meta Informations, and URL Address

While you manage your content in the main column of this editing page, the right column has some critical functionality that you should understand as well. There are three areas of functionality, the Menu Settings, Meta Tags, and URL Path Settings.

Screenshot of the collapsed Menu Options

You can learn about each of these areas in the help documents below.