Menu Settings

MENU SETTINGS is where you assign a menu to the page while adding the page into the menu.

An Overview on Menus

Adding a menu to the page is optional. Unlike the old website where the menu was determined by where you were creating the page, the menus are all set up in advance by an administrator.

As such, web editors can not create new menus. Only an administrator can do that. If you need to have a menu menu created, please submit a support ticket.

Most of the time, when you create a new piece of content, you will want to add it to the menu. The system defaults to having no menu, so there are a few steps you must take to make that happen.

Screenshot of the menu settings area opened

Open up the MENU SETTING and check the box “Provide a menu link”. Checking the box will display several additional fields that you will need to fill out.

If you have already written a TITLE for your content, it will automatically be added to the MENU LINK TITLE field. You can also override this and delete the content or edit it to whatever you would like to appear. The text in this field is what will appear as the link in the menu for this page.

The DESCRIPTION field is optional. If you add text to this field it will appear as a tool tip when a reader hovers over the link.

The PARENT ITEM is a dropdown that allows to select which menu the page should belong to, and where in the menu it should live.

Screenshot of the menu settings area opened

By selecting one of the options, you are assigning a “parent” to your page. Your page will live UNDER the selected page in the menu. Looking at the above screenshot, if you select “Admissions” the page will be a direct child of the main Admissions page. If you select “Visit the Middlebury Institute” it would be a child of that page a “sibling” to Downtown Monterey and Getting Here.


An option in angle brackets is telling us the menus name - it is not a page. So DO NOT SELECT <Admissions>. Instead, you want to select ”— Admissions”.

The WEIGHT field allows you to enter a numeric value that will move the position of the page up or down within the menu. Higher numbers “sick” to the bottom of the menu.

Using our example above, where we want our new page to appear next to Downtown Monterey and Getting Here, if we wanted it to appear last we should add a large value here. We recommend increments of 10, and as there will be three item, we should add 30 as a value to this field. That will force it to be last in that list.

The default sort order, if you leave the WEIGHT field blank, is alphabetical.