Basic Content

Basic Content is one of the six content types made available to all content editors. It is the most commonly used “template” and should be your first choice when developing new web content.

The old website also had a content type called Basic Content, but the two function very differently. Please reference the Basic Concepts section in this site to see the details of those changes

Key concepts

  • This content type is the main “utility” page and is used on the majority of pages on the website.

  • The WYSIWYG editor operates very differently than in the past, and is used to support text-based content only. Media is now added outside of the WYSIWYG editor via specific component.

  • The menu is managed independent of the page. Meaning you create your content and then add it to a location within the menu. Creating a new page does not by itself dictate it’s location or hierarchy. Please read more about this in the Basic Concepts section.

Creating Basic Content

To create a new Basic Content page see the Adding a New Page section of the Content Types documentation.

Editing the Basic Content content type

As previously mentioned, the Basic Content content type is the main utility page of the site. It does a lot of work, and as such has a lot of flexibility. At its core, however, are some basic principle and once you understand these, you should be able to accomplish any task.

Screenshot of the editing interface for the Basic Content content type

Title and Teaser tab

The title and teaser for Basic Content works the same as in other content types. See our article on titles and teasers.

The Components Tab

The opening paragraph field is a special field that is used to give your first paragraph a special presentation. Any text entered into this field will appear in a more prominent manner on the page. The opening paragraph is always the first paragraph on the page. Web editors are unable to move the opening paragraph to a different location on the page.

The WYSIWYG editor has limited styles available and will only support text content. It is recommended that you avoid adding line breaks to opening paragraphs. Multiple paragraphs in the opening paragraph field will be combined into a single paragraph.

Basic Content Components

Available Components

Below the fields mentioned above that live in the Components tab, there is a section called Components. These are individual blocks of functionality that you can add to the page. Each one is designed to accomplish a specific task, and you can add more than one of each type. There is a separate help document that discusses how components work, if you would like more details.

The available component for this content type are:

See the Menu, Meta Informations, and URL Address section of the Content Types documentation. There is no custom functionality for these items that applies to the Basic Content content type.