Chart Page

Chart Page is one of the six Content Types made available to all content editors.

Chart Page is used to display data in the form of

  • Maps
  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Horizontal Bar
  • Donut Chart

The Chart Page also allows additional components, which can be used to add context to the data displayed on the page. These are individual blocks of functionality that you can add to the page. Each one is designed to accomplish a specific task, and you can add more than one of each type. There is a separate help document that discusses How Components Work if you would like more details.

The additional component for this content type are

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Image
  • Image with Text
  • Slideshow
  • Text
  • Two Column Text
  • Video

Content > Media

Adding the Chart Page to the Menu

The menu is managed independent of the page. Meaning you create your content and then add it to a location within the menu. Creating a new page does not by itself dictate its location or hierarchy. Please read more about this in the Basic Concepts section.

Creating a Chart Page

To create a new Chart Page, first you will select “Content” in the upper left-hand side of your editing interface:

Content > Media

Next, select the blue “Add Content” button:

Content > Media

Next, you will see a list of page types, and you will want to select “Chart Page” Content > Media

You will then see the chart page editing interface, and you can find documentation about adding the various charts in the Chart Basic component and the Chart-Map component.

Title and Teaser tab

As with most content types, the title and teaser for Chart Page works the same as in other content types. See our article on titles and teasers

Content > Media

The Components tab

The opening paragraph field is a field that is used to give your first paragraph a special presentation. Any text entered into this field will appear in a more prominent manner on the page. The opening paragraph is always the first paragraph on the page. Web editors are unable to move the opening paragraph to a different location on the page. Please note, however, the opening paragraph field is not required.

See the Menu, Meta Informations, and URL Address section of the Content Types documentation for adding your Chart Page to the menu and giving your page a quality meta-description.