Top Level

Top Level is one of the six content types made available to all content editors. It is used as the “homepage” for large sections of the site.

The old website did not an an equivalent content type for Top Level, but a similar effect was achieved by changing the theme or menu settings for a page. This site refines that process by adding a type of page specifically tailor to this function.

Key concepts

  • This content type can be used as an alternative “homepage” type presentation for a given section.

  • As such, it has some unique functionality available to it. (e.g. showing recents news stories, events, related pages).

  • There is no right side navigation the page, as the content type uses a “landing page” type presentation. Instead, it uses a unique display on its subpages within the body of the page.

  • A featured image is optional but STRONGLY recommended.

Creating a Top Level page

To create a new Top Level page see the Adding a New Page section of the Content Types documentation.

Editing the Top Level content type

As previously mentioned, the Top Level content type is an alternative “homepage” for a given section. If you have done any work with the Basic Content content type, then the concept explained below will be familiar. Feel free to skip to the Available Components section to understand the unique functionality of this content type.

Screenshot of the editing interface for the Top Level content type

Title and Teaser tab

The title and teaser for Top Level works the same as in other content types. See our article on titles and teasers.

The Components Tab

The opening paragraph field is a special field that is used to give your first paragraph a special presentation. Any text entered into this field will appear in a more prominent manner on the page. The opening paragraph is always the first paragraph on the page. Web editors are unable to move the opening paragraph to a different location on the page.

The WYSIWYG editor has limited styles available and will only support text content. It is recommended that you avoid adding line breaks to opening paragraphs. Multiple paragraphs in the opening paragraph field will be combined into a single paragraph.

Top Level Components Field

Available Components

Below the fields mentioned above that live in the Components tab, there is a section called Components. These are individual blocks of functionality that you can add to the page. Each one is designed to accomplish a specific task, and you can add more than one of each type. There is a separate help document that discusses how components work, if you would like more details.

The available component for this content type are:

See the Menu, Meta Informations, and URL Address section of the Content Types documentation. There is no custom functionality for these items that applies to the Top Level content type.