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Spend the fall term at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) developing foundational knowledge, skills, and identities associated with language teaching. Undergraduate students can access the extraordinary resources at MIIS, which features a Master of Arts in TESOL and a Master of Arts in Teaching Foreign Language (TFL).

Academic Structure


The Language Education Semester at MIIS has a structured curriculum. Students enroll in the following Language Education and Language & Intercultural Study classes at MIIS, taking 15-17 credits during the semester.

  • Language Analysis (3 credits)
  • Introduction to Sociolinguistics (3 credits)
  • Language Teaching for Social Justice (2 credits)
  • Principles & Practices of Language Teaching I (4 credits)
  • Introduction to Intercultural Competence (2 credits)
  • Electives (1–4 credits)


Sample Language & Intercultural Study electives below. Note: Use the course schedule to find details about each course. This is not a comprehensive list and may change from semester to semester.   

  • Intercultural Competence
    • Trust across Cultures (2 credits)
    • Spanish in the Community (4 credits)
  • Language Studies: Students need to be at the second-year college level (minimum) 
    • Arabic (4 credits)
    • Chinese (4 credits)
    • French (4 credits)
    • Japanese (4 credits)
    • Russian (4 credits)
    • Spanish (4 credits)

Students may enroll in MIIS electives outside the Language Education or Language & Intercultural Study Departments if the course has in-person instruction and the student can make a case that the course will complement their language education studies.

Electives could be taken in MIIS Departments such as International Policy & Development, Environmental Policy and Management, International Trade, or Nonproliferation & Terrorism Studies.

Samara and Haegan's Experience


The program runs in the fall semester only. It will take place from the end of August to mid-December. 

Click here for the 2024-2025 MIIS calendar and check out the following pages for more information about Dates and Fees, Admissions, and Housing.

Expanded Opportunities

Participation in this program will give students an advantage when seeking teaching and service opportunities post-graduation, including:

Study Away + Study Abroad

Many SAAM students have successfully combined Study Away with a Study Abroad program, spending one semester in Monterey and one semester abroad. It is important to keep academic calendars and visa requirements in mind. Middlebury students should click here to schedule a meeting with an advisor to discuss options. Students from other institutions should speak with their study abroad advisor to determine if they could participate in both Study Away and Study Abroad.

Get a head start on your master’s degree and a scholarship, too!

Head Start

Apply your Study Away at Monterey semester toward a master’s degree at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS). Reach out to Dr. Jason Martel, TESOL/TFL Program Chair, about how these courses would apply toward your degree (jmartel@middlebury.edu).


MIIS guarantees $10,000 scholarships for alumni of any Middlebury degree program and their extended family members. Past participants in nondegree Middlebury programs such as Study Away, Study Abroad and the Language Schools are eligible for a $5,000 scholarship.