Into Africa

A new School in Cameroon, one of the C.V. Starr-Middlebury Schools Abroad, enables undergraduate students not only to take the Language Pledge and hone their French but also to gain insight into daily life in Africa. Ariane Ngabeu, the School's director, explains why the Francophone nation, sometimes called "Africa in miniature," makes for an eye-opening term abroad.

Read the article.

Candid Camera

Explore our YouTube channel and take in the sights and sounds of the Language Schools, including a range of performances such as German opera and capoeira. Don't forget to watch our fun compilation videos of students weighing in on all stages of the LS experience, from which must-have items they brought to campus to the strangeness of speaking English again afterwards.

What's Your Secret?

The days of "drill-and-kill" teaching are numbered. The groundbreaking language learning of today draws on everything from interactive technology to brain science. Michael Geisler, vice president for Language Schools, Schools Abroad, and graduate programs at Middlebury College, and other experts in the field talk about developing language strategies for the 21st century. Read the article from Pacific Standard, also featured on

Passage to India

Starting in the fall of 2013, the C.V. Starr-Middlebury School in Delhi will offer an immersive experience in Indian culture. Learn more about the program, its unusual language opportunities, and the benefits of the new location.

Blast from the Past

Take a peek into the history of the Language Schools with some fun pictures that we dug out of our archives. Rewind back to the language laboratory when it reopened in 1982 with cutting-edge technology. Read more.

Spread the Word

The Language Schools application form is live, and we don’t want anybody to miss out on the chance to gain fluency, work towards a master’s degree, or just learn a new language and culture. You are our best resource for spreading the word about our programs. If someone you know would like to spend their summer with the Language Schools, they can click here to learn more about applying. Pass it on!

Alumni Events

Language Schools alumni are welcome at regional Middlebury events in the U.S. and abroad. To make sure you are invited to events in your area, please update your e-mail address by clicking here. New York City alumni—stay tuned for information on the annual spring reception!

In Memoriam

We send along to alumni the sad news of the death of Ana Martínez-Lage, a gifted teacher and scholar of language pedagogy. Martínez-Lage taught at the Spanish School and was most recently a member of Middlebury's undergraduate Spanish and Portuguese department. She made every language class an adventure and developed innovative technology-based language learning strategies. Read more about Martínez-Lage and her legacy.

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