100 Years of Language

German Program CoverIn 2015, the Middlebury Language Schools celebrate the 100th anniversary of their founding. From modest beginnings in the summer of 1915, when the German School opened to 47 students seeking an immersive approach to language learning, the schools have grown in number, scope, and prestige. Today, the eleven language programs enroll some 1,500 students each summer, joining leading faculty from around the globe.

From the beginning, the Language Schools have been committed to a unique model of linguistic and cultural immersion, and the Middlebury Language Pledge® is still the vital core of the experience. The benefits of this approach have a global reach. In diplomacy, politics, education, defense, commerce, finance, and humanitarian efforts, graduates are helping connect their fellow human beings with a common language and a shared cultural footing.

We step into our second century stronger and more relevant than ever. The need for people who are fluent--in language and culture--continues to grow as our world becomes more interconnected. The dedication and excellence of our faculty and staff remain without peer. And the passion and intelligence of our students continue undimmed, a reminder of the power of the human spirit to make a difference.

We hope you will be able to join us for the conference and celebratory events this July.