LS News & Events

Language Schools Centennial

July 20, 2015

Over a 10-day celebration of academic and artistic events, Middlebury honored its past and looked to the future of language learning.

Vice President Michael Geisler, Guest Speaker on NPR

January 13, 2014

Tom Ashbrook, NPR's host for On Point, interviews Michael Geisler, VP for Language Schools and Schools Abroad, as part of his panel on "The Languages We're Learning Now." The show focused on trends in language study today.

Michael Geisler Responds to Larry Summer's Article

March 9, 2012

Michael Geisler, vice president for Language Schools, Schools Abroad, and graduate programs at Middlebury College, responds to Larry Summer's essay in the New York Times, "What You Really Need to Know."

Middlebury Signs Agreement with Vermont Law School

February 17, 2012

Middlebury's agreement with Vermont Law School guarantees admission for qualified students who have graduated from Middlebury or completed a graduate degree from one of Middlebury's programs (MIIS, Language Schools, or Bread Loaf).

Around the World in 10 Events

June 29, 2011

Every summer, there's a short but sweet burst of Language School-related events that fills the campus calendar with a weekly dose of all things cultural, from music to lectures to art—all in language, of course. Don't miss your chance to travel abroad without leaving town!