ITS provides different levels of support for different software titles and versions. Note that while the below descriptions refer only to software, the level of support available also depends on the computer in question. Most College software cannot be installed on personal computers, with some exceptions. For support questions regarding personal computers, the Helpdesk will make an effort to research and offer guidance, especially for connecting to College systems like MiddFiles, but cannot guarantee a successful resolution.

Full Support

Middlebury College ITS can install and support the software in partnership with the Academic Technology Group. This includes questions about how to use specific features.

Install Only

ITS can provide the software upon request, including reinstallation as necessary to resolve issues, but may not have expertise with the features of the software. Training and how-to questions will depend on Internet research, LinkedIn Learning tutorials, and any support provided by the software vendor. Academic departments that use specific software may have other resources available for consultation.

Limited Support

ITS can provide the software upon request, including reinstallation as necessary to resolve issues, but only supports its use for specific cases.  Usage restrictions may be due to known software conflicts, security issues, and/or other problems that impact computer performance.


ITS does not provide or support the software. You may choose to purchase, download, and/or use the software, but we cannot guarantee that it is compatible with College systems. We reserve the right to remove any software from College-owned computers that conflicts with our supported software.

Potentially Harmful

This category includes software that has unpatched security flaws, is written maliciously, is no longer supported by the vendor, or is known to cause conflicts that put College operations at risk.  The Helpdesk will not install nor troubleshoot any software or operating system that cannot be patched for vulnerabilities.  Such software should not be installed or used on any computer that connects to the College network, and we will attempt to remove it (or update if appropriate) if found on College-owned computers.

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