Apporto is a virtualization tool which allows apps and virtual desktops to be delivered via web browser.  No VPN or desktop client required. 

Visit and sign in with your Middlebury credentials to use.


Logging into Apporto:

Accessing Data from OneDrive or Google Drive:

  • Open the ApportoCloudMounter on the desktop of the virtual machines.
  • Click on GoogleDrive or One Drive, whichever you’d like to mount.
  • Name the drive in the pop up window, select “connect at login” and “connect”
  • You’ll be prompted for user credentials to sign into the service.
  • Once signed in, access the drives by opening the finder window and looking for the drives under “This PC”.
  • NOTE: It is recommended that you download large files from network storage to the desktop of the virtual machines before using.  The bandwidth is high so the files will download quickly from cloud storage to the virtual machine.
  • Re-upload to your cloud storage location once finished.

NOTE: if you need to access a shared drive in Google or Microsoft cloud storage, you will need to navigate to the shared storage location via web browser.

Accessing Data from Middfiles:

  • Once you’ve launched a virtual machine, navigate to the browser and browse to
  • NOTE: You must log in with your full email address and password
  • Navigate to the file you’d like to use and download to the desktop of the virtual machine.
  • Re-upload to Middfiles once finished.

Accessing Data from your Computer:

  • NOTE: The speed when uploading and downloading files from your local machine will depend on your network bandwidth.  It is recommended in lower bandwidth situations rely on network storage directly through Apporto via one of the options above.
  • If you need to upload or download files from your local computer, please do so via the upload and download icons on the top menu of the Apporto window.

Saving Files on Apporto:

  • Each user in Apporto is given a cloud storage location via a folder on the desktop called Middlebury Shared Users. 
  • Files saved on the virtual machine will appear in this one of the sub folders (desktop, documents, etc.) of this location: Middlebury Shared Users\Users\ID#_middlebury/
  • It is recommended that Apporto only be used for temporary storage and that all files be saved to one of the cloud storage options above, Middfiles or on your local computer.



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