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Dan Ferraro, Italian School ‘23

U.S. Military Veteran Dan Ferraro, of Boston, MA shares about his experience at the Italian School

What surprised you about your experience at the Middlebury Language Schools?

I was surprised by the wide range of backgrounds present at Middlebury. People of all ages and walks of life attended this program. It was both interesting and inspiring to meet them and work together towards the common goal of learning a new language.  

Another thing that surprised me was the quality of instruction. The professors are really good at what they do and extremely dedicated to providing a holistic learning experience for their students, both in and outside of the classroom

Why did you choose to study at the Language Schools?

I chose to study at the Language Schools because I wanted to put myself in an environment that was the most conducive to gaining proficiency in a short amount of time and this seemed to make the most sense. Also, Vermont is beautiful in the summer!

How did your language skills improve?

I became a lot more comfortable and confident speaking and engaging in conversation. I think the Language Pledge® really forces you to break past that initial stage of fear and hesitancy when speaking a new language. 

What advice would you give someone who wants to attend the Italian School?

If you’re on the fence about it, do it! Have fun with it, don’t be too hard on yourself, and understand that it’s okay to make mistakes. 

I think many military veterans can definitely appreciate the Language Schools because the immersive and intensive structure of the program is similar to what they may have experienced in their technical or occupational training in the past. Additionally, the camaraderie developed and friendships made while working together towards a common goal is definitely something they can relate to and benefit from.

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