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This page will be updated for Summer 2023 by mid-Spring. Please see contact people listed at the end of the page for questions in the meantime.  

Summer Internships via the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS) Fieldwork Course

As part of their Middlebury College education, Middlebury undergraduates have an opportunity to enroll in a Middlebury Institute fieldwork course (IPMG8650-M) during summer 2022.  As an integral part of an established curriculum, this course provides students with a way to pursue internships in the U.S. that require students to earn academic credit (to participate with organizations that require it, or to qualify for CPT—Curricular Practical Training authorization). The fieldwork course requires approval from the instructor to enroll in the course, which is done through the application process outlined below. There is no additional charge for this course. (Note: Students who successfully complete this course will earn an Institute credit that will appear on the student’s Institute transcript. It is not transferrable to the student’s College transcript.)

To enroll in the course, eligible students must complete a College-based approval process through the Center for Careers and Internships (CCI), followed by confirmation from the instructor. Upon enrollment in the course, International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) will approve international students for Curricular Practical Training (CPT), if applicable.

To be eligible to enroll in the course, students must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Students must have been enrolled at Middlebury for a minimum of two semesters prior to engaging in the summer field work course (international students see NOTE below). 
  • The internship must directly relate to the student’s academic major (i.e. field of study).
  • Students must secure an internship and receive a formal written offer that meets the Internship/Fieldwork Supplemental Letter Guidelines.
  • The internship must take place within the course dates of the undergraduate section. 

    For 2022:

    • The start date can be on or after Tuesday, May 31, and no later than Monday, August 8.
    • The end date must be before or on Friday, September 2.

Note to International Undergraduate Students:  

Only students who have been in valid F-1 status for at least one full academic year (by the time of the internship) are eligible. (This includes students who were in F-1 status before March 2021 and are still maintaining their visa status as remote learners in 2021-22, based on SEVP pandemic guidance.)

NOT eligible:

  • Students who entered the U.S. in 2022 with a new “Initial I-20” to begin studies in F-1 status (or to return to F-1 status with a new SEVIS ID# after a Leave of Absence to study on campus for spring term) are not eligible. They have not accrued sufficient time in F-1 status to be eligible for CPT.
  • International students who are on a leave of absence (LOA) during spring term 2022 are not eligible. Students who are outside the U.S. without a valid F-1 status cannot enter the U.S. to pursue this summer internship course. New I-20s will be issued for return to a full-time academic program.

Next Steps (for all students):

To seek approval for a Summer Internship for Credit via the Middlebury Institute Fieldwork course, you must complete the CCI Fieldwork Application. At the start of the application, you will find instructions regarding additional documents you will need to upload.  (Please note: If you are within the Fieldwork Application, you will see web address references that will bring you back to this page, where you can find the related resources and links featured below.)

  • CCI Fieldwork Application  (Apply at least 4 weeks before your intended start date.)
  • Internship/Fieldwork Supplemental Letter Guidelines
  • Statement of Purpose Prompt: (Please note: if any details are missing the statement will be sent back to you for correcting and you will have to resubmit your complete application.) Write a one-page essay, addressing the following:  
    1. With what organization do you wish to intern and where is it located?
    2. Will you be working remotely or in-person?  Please explain. Where will you physically be located?
    3. What are your anticipated responsibilities?
    4. Why do you want to pursue this experience?
    5. How does the internship connect with your field of study/academic background (list classes) and your career and/or life goals?
    6. What are your learning objectives (please list at least three)?  

Additional Resources:

Once you submit your application, CCI will review your submission to determine whether you qualify for enrollment in the course. For those who qualify, CCI will provide their recommendation for your enrollment in IPMG8650 directly to the Course Instructor. The Course Instructor will register approved students through the Institute Records Office (Registrar), and will provide information about course expectations and timelines directly to the student.

ISSS will be notified, if you are an international student approved for enrollment in the Fieldwork course. For students who qualify, ISSS will authorize Curricular Practical Training (CPT). ISSS will update your SEVIS record with the necessary information and will produce an updated Form I-20, showing the dates of authorization and details about the internship sponsor. The updated I-20 can be used to satisfy I-9 requirements at the organization. Students may only begin the internship on or after the CPT start date on their I-20.

International students with questions about this process should contact Tracy Himmel Isham. For general information, please contact Cheryl Whitney Lower.