Noncredit Option

If you do not need the credit, then you must register for the Winter Term opt-out course.

Credit-Bearing Options


Contact the Center for Careers and Internships.

Independent Projects

If the project is unrelated to your major, apply to the Curriculum Committee by contacting Kathleen Parent from Academic Affairs. Independent work proposed through a student’s major must be approved by the chair or director of that department or program (these proposals do not need to be submitted to the Curriculum Committee).

Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

Contact International Programs for more information and application information. See additional information below.

General Guidelines 

  • The program/course must meet a minimum of 4 complete weeks (regardless of the total number of meeting hours) to earn a maximum of one unit of Middlebury credit. The program/course must meet for at least the same number of hours, over the four weeks, as an equivalent Middlebury course. Programs/courses that meet more than 36 hours will NOT receive additional credit.

  • Only a program/course that meets the definition of “liberal arts,” and in which the student receives a grade of C– or better, may be applied to the Middlebury College degree.

  • Programs/courses graded on a pass/fail or audit basis are NOT transferable.

  • The grade earned will appear on your Middlebury transcript and will be counted in your GPA.

  • The transcript reflecting work completed must be from an accredited institution of higher education.


Students must apply for preapproval for Winter Term study abroad programs:

Contact International Programs for application information.

Study Abroad
Sunderland Language Center, First Floor
356 College Street
Middlebury, VT 05753