The following resources will help you develop and complete your research activities.

Once you have connected with a faculty advisor, narrowed down your research interests, and identified some possible funding sources (see Getting Started for more info), the next step is to develop a draft project plan.

Drafting a Project Plan

The draft project plan is critical for creating the items you will need to apply for funding, such as:

  • A resources inventory
  • Research and writing outlines
  • An implementation timeline
  • A budget

Depending on your department, this will contain much more detail than your research proposal. A well-developed plan will allow you to identify any problems with the project early on (inaccessible materials, travel barriers, inadequate timeframe or funding sources), so adjustments can be made to make sure the project is feasible and can be completed by the end of the target semester.

The details of every project will vary, both within and between disciplines, but the more sources you can preview, people you can talk to and specific logistical information you can gather at the start of your project, the better your chances are for a desirable outcome.


The resources in this section contain information specific to conducting research at Middlebury. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact us at