Research has been identified as one of the top successful practices students can participate in during higher education.

The in-depth study and implementation of a research project develops advanced skills that will translate beyond college. Whatever you choose to do after Middlebury, a research experience will enhance your skill set as well as your resume.

The Undergraduate Research staff can help you at any stage in this process. Call, email, or stop by the CTLR and we will do our best to help.

Choosing to Do Research

Depending on your department, a senior research project (or thesis) could allow you to graduate with honors or you may need one to graduate at all. There are additional benefits.

  • You can receive college credit if you enroll in an independent study or research course (usually 500 or 700 courses).
  • Research experience is great on your resume and may even lead to a position offer for an internship, job, fellowship or grad school.
  • You get to present your research at a professional conference and at the Spring Student Symposium.

Working with Undergraduate Research

  • Identify an interest (see Top Tips for Starting Your Research from the Middlebury College librarians).
  • Find a faculty or staff member that shares your interest and can be a mentor to support and sponsor you during the project.
  • Work with your mentor to develop a project that is feasible for your time frame, abilities, and resources.
  • Try to identify opportunities such as grants, awards, scholarships, fellowships or internships that might help you directly or indirectly with your project goals.
  • Develop a detailed project plan, including goals, steps, timeline, budget and purpose (okay, that is probably several steps worth).
  • Have fun! This is a chance to investigate what you want.

Finding Research Funding

  • Check with your mentor. They may have a grant or know of funding through their department that you could utilize.
  • Review the funding information in this section, explore other campus partners such as Center for Careers and Internships, or stop by one of our offices.
  • Look into Middlebury’s summer funding opportunities.
  • Browse the WebGURU Guide for Undergraduate Research, a helpful introduction.
  • Find out who is doing research in your area of interest and look at association websites for professionals in that field.

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