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All students who are granted funding from the College must self-register as a “supplier” in Oracle Finance and complete direct deposit information in order to be paid. Below is information on how to register.  

The term supplier is a generic reference to anyone at Middlebury who is being paid for services, goods, reimbursements, refunds, etc. You must complete or update your direct deposit information in Oracle even if you already have a job on campus, as internship funding and student employee payroll are two separate functions.

Follow these directions for registering in Oracle. Questions can be sent to or 802-443-2321. Online information on this process can also be found here

  1. Go to this link: Middlebury College
  2. Follow the instructions here. Or use this helpful video.
  3. Please note that emails from Oracle may at first appear suspicious. The emails will come directly from Oracle and the subjects include, but are not limited to:
    • “GMHEC – Supplier Welcome Email”
    • “Oracle Fusion Applications-Password Reset Confirmation”
    • Emails will be from “” and will be sent to your personal email account (e.g. gmail) instead of your Middlebury email
  4. If you have an international bank account you will need to fill out and upload this form


Please note:  If you are already registered in Oracle Finance: It is your responsibility to keep your supplier registration up to date. If you would like to make changes to your address, bank account, or other details in Oracle, please contact AP to initiate this at or 802-443-2321.

If you have any questions regarding your direct deposit, please contact the Accounts Payable Office at or 802-443-2321.

International Students: Please note that taxes may be taken out ahead of time so that the amount that is deposited into your account may be different than the amount listed in your award email.