The program enrolls a diverse mix of students ranging from current undergraduates and graduate students to retirees. Improve your English skills for school, work, or daily conversation.


  • Low Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • High Intermediate
  • Advanced

Middlebury does not teach beginner English. Before starting, you should know the English alphabet, basic English vocabulary, how to read and write basic sentences in English, and how to have a simple conversation in English.

During the program, you will learn real-world English taught using authentic English content and read, watch, and listen to current world topics so that you can communicate naturally. Classes are approximately 23 hours a week with individual attention. The English Language School is accredited by CEA.

Middlebury Institute Achievement Scale


Levels of Achievement

Reading and Vocabulary

Low-intermediate, Intermediate, High -intermediate, Advanced

Oral Communication

Low-intermediate, Intermediate, High -intermediate, Advanced

Writing and Grammar

Low-intermediate, Intermediate, High -intermediate, Advanced

Content Class

Low, High

CEA Achievement Scale Interpretation

University Affiliate Partners

Current or prospective students who are interested in improving English for academic purposes may decide to select an affiliate partner university or college. Affiliate partners can offer conditional admission or accept completion of a certain level of ESL courses in place of a TOEFL score. Students can transfer from the English Language School to any university or college that they are accepted into.