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Launch or enhance your career in teaching, academia, government, global affairs, international business, the arts, or the nonprofit sector.  

Within the robust and flexible structure of the program, you may complete your degree in one year that includes an academic year in Paris, or over the course of four-summers, one of which may be spent in Paris.

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All graduate students must successfully complete an initial 6-week graduate summer session on the Vermont campus before establishing their candidacy for the master’s degree. You’ll select an area of specialization in which to deepen your scholarship while additional coursework will provide a broad foundation in French and Francophone studies. See an overview of our requirements.


You have several options for completing your master’s degree.

OPTION 1 4 summers (6 weeks each) School of French, Vermont
OPTION 2 3 summers (6 weeks each) School of French, Vermont

+ 1 summer (6 weeks) Middlebury School in Paris
OPTION 3 1 summer (6 weeks) School of French, Vermont

+ 1 academic year Middlebury School in Paris

+ 1 summer School of French, Vermont 
OPTION 4 1 summer (6 weeks) School of French, Vermont

+ 1 academic year (accelerated) Middlebury School in Paris


In addition to the specialization requirements listed below, you may be required to take courses in stylistics, phonetics and methodology. Electives may complete the required 12 credit units.


  • 5 credit units in Literature
  • 2 credit units in Civilization, Culture and Society

Pedagogy and Linguistics

  • 5 credit units in Pedagogy and/or Linguistics
  • 1 credit unit in Literature
  • 1 credit unit in Civilization, Culture and Society

Civilization, Culture and Society

  • 5 credit units in Civilization, Culture and Society
  • 2 credit units in Literature

Generalist Focus*

  • 3 credit units in Language and/or Linguistics and Methodology (may include courses from the General Requirements)
  • 3 credit units in Literature
  • 3 credit units in Civilization, Culture and Society.

*The Generalist focus is meant for students who prefer not to specialize in one area of study, but to explore a broad range of subjects.

Frequently Asked Questions


A Master’s Degree in French can open up a wealth of opportunities for you in very diverse career paths. Some of them include: Education, Writing and Translation and Government and Public Affairs. 

With remote work becoming increasingly popular, you could even end up working for a French company from your home country or moving abroad.

Please note, the MA in French and MA in Applied Languages in French have different specializations based on your interests.


If you are passionate about learning French, pursuing a Master’s Degree is definitely worth it. Plus, at Middlebury Language Schools you can get financial aid or scholarship to help you fund your graduate studies. We have designed a degree that is both affordable and flexible (complete it over 4-summers during a 10-year period or start in Vermont and go to France for a year).


Yes, scholarships and need-based financial aid are available to graduate students at Middlebury Language Schools. Please submit a complete application to the MA in French program before applying for scholarships and/or financial aid. Check out our page on funding for graduate programs to learn more.


We offer many different specializations for French MA students: a Literature focus, a Civilization, Culture and Society focus, a Pedagogy and Linguistics focus and a Generalist focus. We have have different specializations for the MA in Applied Languages in French.


We believe cultural immersion is key to your learning experience and offer different program combinations that include options to study in Paris, France. Depending on the option you choose, you will be spending either one summer or one whole academic year in France. Check out the different program options on this page. You can also choose to spend 4-summers in Middlebury, Vermont.