The following projects received support from the Office of the Provost.  

Linguistics Lab
Linguistics Lab in Sunderland 202 

Beyond the Page

For decades, a diverse cohort of professional actors (the Bread Loaf Acting Ensemble) have served as part of the Bread Loaf School of English (BLSE) teaching force, collaborating with faculty to bring theater arts practices into Bread Loaf classes and catalyze critical thinking. Our theater arts pedagogy cultivates an exceptionally high level of student engagement as well as of intellectual risk-taking, acuity, and trust. It gives students an opportunity to experience what they’re reading, writing, or researching in an embodied, affective, and affecting form – to see, hear, and feel the force of text and thought and to be fully immersed in the moment of inquiry. It enables students to develop ideas and entertain diverse perspectives as part of a learning community. Beyond the Page will expand the reach and impact of this work – from the graduate to the undergraduate classroom and from the discipline of English to diverse fields across the arts and sciences. BLSE will partner with Middlebury faculty and students to develop a sustainable model of theater arts practices that has the potential to grow across the institution and revolutionize what teaching across the liberal arts can be and do.

Center for Well-Being

The long term goal is to establish a Center to connect, amplify, and serve as a catalyst for well-being programing across the following core areas at the Institution:

  • Experiential practice
  • Scholarly research on contemplative well-being, resiliencies, and leadership
  • Teaching efforts and discussions focused on classroom techniques to support students’ and teachers’ well-being
  • Leadership sharing of findings

Digital Archives

Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies (GSFS) and Chellis House have started a digital archive, documenting various forms of campus activism against sexual assault. This digital documentation center, Archives of Dissent, helps maintain a historical record of student activities on campus and also engenders the forms of learning central to Middlebury’s liberal arts mission.  The site contains documents collected from The Campus archives, Special Collections, and other sources.  Digital fellows are also interviewing alums who were feminist activists during their time at Middlebury (whose voices have not yet been recorded) to include in this archive.

Global Arts Festival

A biennial or triennial global arts festival to explore global arts pedagogy and innovation on local global levels. This multidisciplinary festival will combine the strengths of several arts organizations of the Middlebury College Vermont campus with performances, workshops, and teaching by noteworthy artists.

Global Health Semester Abroad

Select Middlebury Schools Abroad will offer a Global Health Semester Abroad in which students combine coursework and a practicum to explore that country’s health challenges and public health approaches to addressing them.

International Online Access to Mental Health Services

This program will provide immediate, 24-hour, emergency telephone evaluation and support to students in any location in the world with cell coverage (nationally and internationally). In addition, students have access to an online, cognitive behavior therapy software platform for ongoing support with depression, anxiety, stress, and eating issues.


Jiran (Arabic for Neighbor) connects advanced-level Arabic students with recently arrived Arabic-speaking refugee and immigrant families for a summer of mutual linguistic and cultural education in New Britain, Connecticut. The goals of the program are twofold:

  • To give students the opportunity to increase their linguistic and cultural proficiency while learning about immigration and refugee resettlement in the US
  • To support these families as they build connections in their new communities, bridging the gaps left by organizations that support them.

Linguistics Lab and Studio

Linguistics faculty have home departments throughout the College campus. To support and further strengthen the potential of Linguistic faculty’s accumulated, cross-department expertise, Sunderland 202 has been prioritized for classes, open lab hours, and other events and for all intents and purposes become a lab for Linguistics.

MA in Teaching Foreign Language (TFL)

This initiative seeks to design a pathway to allow MA Teaching Foreign Language (TFL) candidates to complete coursework for their degrees within the three graduate entities of Middlebury: the Institute, the Language Schools, and the Schools Abroad. There are currently pathways that allow students to complete coursework across two entities, but no pathway that draws upon all three entities. This initiative will work in conjunction with MISLAC.


MiddData provides equitable and inclusive access to powerful tools for data analysis from the moment students arrive on campus. Students are prepared to critically evaluate data-based arguments from a variety of perspectives, discover insights from data both independently and in collaboration with others, and effectively communicate their findings.

Middlebury Initiative for the Study of languages and Cultures (MISLAC

MISLAC facilitates the development and implementation of instructional innovations and curricular initiatives that support and refine language and intercultural education across Middlebury. This initiative intends to strengthen Middlebury’s institutional leadership and our reputation in language and intercultural learning through the following: 

  • High-impact faculty development opportunities
  • Curricular initiatives to strengthen existing programs or generate new offerings
  • Research support for projects on language education
  • Alumni engagement
  • Consultancy services

Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies Partnership 

This pilot program will feature a robust “study away” cohort of Middlebury undergraduates at the Middlebury Institute each semester beginning in Fall 2019 to study in the Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies program.

Online Translation and Localization Management (TLM

The Middlebury Institute’s TLM program collaborated with DLINQ to develop Middlebury’s first fully online program, advanced-entry, MA in Translation and Localization Management to appeal to working professionals. The program will launch in fall 2020.

Professional Programs: Wine Industry

By combining the expertise and resources of the Middlebury Institute’s Custom Language Services program and Middlebury Schools Abroad, this initiative will expand its capacity into the professional education market by offering a program for professionals in the wine industry. The pilot program will take place in Spain, with other countries and languages to follow.

Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a high-impact pedagogical practice that places projects with authentic problems or questions at the heart of student learning. The project leads became familiar with PBL during a 4-day institute run by the Center for Project Based Learning at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) last June. They returned to Middlebury with a desire and a charge to investigate how to grow PBL on our own campus. In order to raise awareness and provide training on this pedagogical approach, the project brought PBL experts from WPI to Middlebury for an intensive faculty development workshop and consultation.

School of Kiswahili

This proposal seeks to establish a School of Kiswahili, a 12th Language School, operated in Kigali, Rwanda, in close collaboration with the African Leadership University (ALU). As with all Language Schools endeavors, the goal is to enhance linguistic excellence and intercultural understanding through innovative, immersive instruction and the demonstrated effectiveness of the Middlebury Language Pledge.®

Script Lab

Script Lab is a residential screenwriting workshop located in Middlebury. This week-long experience brings together Middlebury faculty and students, emerging screenwriters, prominent alumni in the entertainment industry, and successful filmmakers previously unaffiliated with Middlebury, around the development of six feature screenplays.

Social Impact Learning Corps

The Middlebury Social Impact Corps (MSIC) program provides opportunity to leverage our academic strengths across Middlebury programs by connecting MIIS graduate students to Middlebury undergraduate students for an unparalleled peer learning opportunity. MSIC is a collaboration between Middlebury College, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS), and community partners, providing an 8-week world-class, cohort-based experience focused on effecting social change throughout the world. MSIC participants build the experience, knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to be purposeful global citizens and to seek innovative solutions to the world’s complex social and environmental problems.

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