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Middlebury has several cohort internship programs where students intern at different organizations but share a common thread in terms of geography and/or theme.

These programs most often include an academic and/or professional development curriculum that helps students understand the theme more systemically and more formally learn from one another. The framework of a cohort work, living, and learning experience adds value and contributes to the goals of a liberal arts education to prepare our students for life, work, and citizenship. There is perhaps no greater means to connect learning with work and career exploration, while building community among students of diverse backgrounds.  

Individual internship listings can be found in Handshake, or email us at for general inquiries. Read more about some of Middlebury’s current signature cohort programs below.


  • MiddWorks for Vermont Summer Internship Fellows Program is a program out of the Center for Careers and Internships (CCI) offering 25 carefully curated summer student internships in 2023 with a variety of organizations throughout Vermont that advance the following goals:
    • a robust Vermont economy and
    • a just Vermont society
    • a healthy Vermont population
    • a “green” Vermont environment
    • equitable access to excellence in education
    • a vibrant Vermont arts and cultural scene

In addition to providing place-based experiential learning at its best, MiddWorks for Vermont will foster internship and career opportunities in every sector, thereby encouraging and facilitating Middlebury talent to remain in Vermont during summers, after graduation, and beyond.  We hope to encourage meaningful and deep connections to Vermont as a place to settle and to have a high quality of life while finding rewarding and purposeful work—an ideal opportunity for students and graduates to apply their liberal arts and sciences learning in an impactful way. 

  • Privilege & Poverty Internships engage students through national and local programs to address issues of poverty and support social justice. Nationally, selected students choose from over 100 Shepherd Higher Education Consortium on Poverty (SHECP) internships while, locally, the Center for Community Engagement has partnerships with about six Addison County agencies.
  • Vermont Business Strategy and Consulting Program is for students interested in leading a business, non-profit, or other organization, or in management consulting as a career. Students are given in-depth hands-on experience working on a key strategic management issue for a local enterprise. The cohort also gathers weekly with Dr. Amitava Biswas, instructor for the Introduction to Business and Management and Enterprise courses.
  • Team4Tech helps education-focused NGOs working in the developing world to increase their impact and improve the quality of education in their local communities through technology solutions and training. This summer, Team4Tech is offering a unique virtual internship opportunity to work with several nonprofit partners in Uganda. Students are guided by Team4Tech staff through a human-centered design process as they work with the NGO partner.
  • Middlebury Virtual China Cohort with Integrate Chinese Life enables students to take on a project-based internship with American and international companies in China while China’s borders remain closed.  This is a 7-week virtual internship and cultural immersion program for Middlebury students in connection with Shanghai based firms and Sino-American companies and institutions.  Participants work on projects in industries including F&B and sustainability, International Trade, and Digital Marketing. Previous interns in this program worked in companies like ByteDance (tiktok), State of Place, Greentree Financial, and Z-rou, among other great companies.