Multifactor authentication (MFA) helps prevent data exposure and account takeover.

Middlebury protects your accounts by requiring multi-factor authentication for logins from outside of the Middlebury or Monterey campus networks. MFA works by requiring a secondary form of identification after a successful login. The secondary verification can come in the form of a phone call, text message, mobile app notification or code. You can read more about the verification methods. The Microsoft Authenticator app is our recommended method for verification, especially for those who travel abroad.

MFA protects your account if your password is compromised. When someone tries to log in with your stolen credentials, they are not able to provide the secondary verification. If you receive MFA notifications that you did not initiate, be careful not to allow any login and change your password immediately.

MFA provides the following benefits:

  • enhanced security for your account and your personal information
  • better protection for the systems and data you access
  • removal of the external sender warning on e-mail
  • more secure password recovery

Contact our Helpdesk for more information or for help with multi-factor authentication.

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