The Middlebury Institute Intensive English Programs can help you improve your English language skills for daily life, academic study, and your career.

Communicate with Confidence in English

Students from around the world come to beautiful Monterey to improve their English in small classes with expert faculty.

My name is Rogers Walker and I am the Associate Director of the Intensive English Program here at Middlebury Institute. Here at Middlebury Institute our program is very different from a lot of other programs out there. We are nonprofit academic focused program. So our interest is serving you as a student.

Our primary concern is making sure that you progress in your English language skills, and you make it to the end of the program, and reach your academic goals. The students who come to our ESL program are very diverse, it’s one of the strengths of our program. We got students who come from countries all over the world.

And any classroom in our program is going to have students from many different language groups. So students will be encouraged to speak English all the time.

My weakness is giving a presentation and when I was in Korea, there was not enough time to practice.

Here at Middlebury Institute, we take learning beyond the walls of the classroom. It’s very important for students to spend time outside of the class using English. And one of the primary ways that we do that is we have an activities coordinator who spends a lot of time planning activities for students. Opportunities for students to go to different events here in the community and use English, and interact with people in the community using their new language skills.

And what did we learn about independent speaking in terms of the organization of our response? When we give a perfect TOEFL response, what comes first?

Answer. You will be prepared for a variety of skills like reading, speaking, writing, and listening.

We have very small class sizes so you’ll receive a lot of one-on-one instruction and attention from your teacher. We also have highly qualified instructors who all have master’s degrees and teaching English as a language. These teachers have many years of experience and are very innovative, so they’re able to create activities and lessons that are engaging and enjoyable for the students.

And you’re going to write down which hashtag from your list you think is the one I blocked out, and you’re gonna put it there.

With the skills that you learn here at Middlebury Institute, you can take those skills and go anywhere and realize any of your dreams in life.

I’m a mechanical engineering student from Brazil. So speaking English is very important for engineers and that’s why I wanted to be friendly in English and I think it’s really important for my profession. If you want to improve your English and have a great experience in your life living in California is amazing. And go to a school that really address your needs. You’ll be happy here because Middlebury Institute of International education is a great school, and I’m really happy to be a student here.

If you’re looking for a supportive environment with excellent teachers and a beautiful place to study English, this is the place for you.


English as a Second Language (ESL)

The intensive English as a Second Language program (ESL) provides you with the language, academic, and cultural skills needed for success in U.S. higher education and many careers. If you plan to attend college or university in the U.S., this program will help you develop essential academic English skills.

A professor talks to his class.

English Preparation for Graduate Studies

If you already have a high level of English proficiency and you have been admitted to graduate school in the U.S., the English Preparation for Graduate Studies program will help you develop important skills for graduate-level study in the U.S.

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Our University Affiliate Partners

Current or prospective students who are interested in improving English for academic purposes may decide to select an affiliate partner university or college. Affiliate partners can offer conditional admission or accept completion of a certain level of ESL courses in place of a TOEFL score. Students can transfer from the intensive ESL program to any university or college that they are accepted into.

  • Cabrillo College
  • California State University, Monterey Bay
  • Middlebury Institute of International Studies
  • Monterey Peninsula College
  • University of Redlands

Immigration Information

Most students are required to enter the United States on F-1 visa status to study English full time at the Middlebury Institute. You will see detailed instructions on our application, but here is an overview of the basic requirements:

Regular, Full-Time Students (F-1 Status)

  • Submit a passport copy

  • Submit financial support information

  • Study full time

  • Apply up to six weeks before the session start date

Transfer Students (F-1 Status)

  • Be in good standing at current school

  • Submit a passport copy

  • Submit financial support information

  • Submit copies of I-20, I-94, and current visa

  • Study full time

  • Apply up to one week before the session start date

Citizens or Permanent Residents

  • Submit proof of citizenship or residency (such as a green card)

  • Do not need a visa

  • Study full time or part-time

Individuals in the U.S. on Another Status (Not F-1)

  • Can be accepted for English study if current status allows

  • Applications accepted on a case-by-case basis


Staff and Faculty

Patricia Szasz

Rogers Walker

Marilú Bonilla