Learn more about our Intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

Sample Day

As a student, your day might look like this:  



Reading and Vocabulary Class

Use cards and play games to practice new words. Read an article with your teacher and classmates.

Writing and Grammar Class

Present your ideas for an essay and get a response from your teacher.


Take a walk with friends to eat in downtown Monterey. There are lots of choices (including tacos!).

Oral Communication Class

Talk about topics like how to help climate change.

Content Course

Practice your English by learning about topics like American culture and politics.

Free Time

Use your time as you like. Meet with a teacher or tutor. Explore Monterey with your friends and your activity guide. Take a walk by the ocean. 


Return home for dinner with your host family. Complete your homework and enjoy your evening.

Where to Live

Monterey is a friendly city. Many students from around the world study here. You have different choices on where to live, depending on when you come:

Fall and Spring Housing

We do not have student on-campus housing for the fall and spring. We will help you find an apartment or a homestay. We can also help you find a roommate. 

Summer Housing

We have new on-campus housing for students starting in summer 2022. We will have more information when the summer 2022 application opens.

Conditional Admission to Degree Programs

Every year we have several students who use our English program to gain admission to one of our partner colleges and universities.

You may receive conditional admission to partner college and university programs if you meet all the admissions requirements for a degree program, except for the English level requirement. You can receive full admission if you achieve the following in our English program:

  • Middlebury Institute of International Studies: if you complete Advanced B with a grade of B or higher you will be admitted to the Middlebury Institute.
  • Monterey Peninsula College (MPC): if you complete Intermediate B with a B grade average or higher you will be fully admitted to MPC.

Tuition and Fees

The Intensive English Program cost is estimated below. The cost is based on full-time enrollment. The cost may change. The Institute will only collect funds for your tuition, fees, and books. 

8-week session

Tuition and Fees $3,500
Health Insurance $500
Housing and Food $3,983
Personal Living Expenses $450
Books and Supplies


Total estimated cost $8,583

16-week session

Tuition and Fees $5,800
Health Insurance $1,000
Housing and Food $7,965
Personal Living Expenses $900
Books and Supplies $150
Total estimated cost $15,815

Part-Time Tuition

Part-time tuition is $375/credit.

International students must prove they have sufficient funds for immigration purposes.