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A Virtual Career Exploration Program

MIDDVantage is a virtual career exploration program that offers Middlebury students and alumni—through the perspective of Middlebury alumni and guests—exposure to fields of interest during a time in which in-person career programming, internship, and job experiences have been curtailed.

The program is designed as a series of “episodes” both recorded and live that delivers a robust set of content, providing knowledge about a specific career field as well as skill development relevant to that career path. The series targets all class years and typically includes:

  • An overview of the industry (current state, trends, dynamics, context within the broader world, and the variety of organizations involved);
  • Issues/topics of interest or importance in that segment;
  • Workshops to build skill/knowledge sets that are relevant in the field;
  • Discussion of the variety of career entry points within the segment and how to pursue them; and
  • Employer information sessions about the organization’s focus, its services, and career opportunities.