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Middlebury Language Schools is constantly innovating (since 1915)!

We are pleased to announce the following new programs and updates for Summer 2022, including the new English Language School and Master of Arts in Korean.

Please see our Programs by Language for a full list of our languages and options. This includes our languages not listed below: AbenakiArabicChineseGermanJapanese, and Portuguese.


New Programs for Summer 2022



  • New Master of Arts in Korean: Students complete a 6-week summer in Vermont, an academic year online, and a final summer in Vermont.



Updates for Summer 2022


  • MA in Applied Languages in French:  Updated specializations–Language Teaching, Migration Studies, Development Studies, Cultural Heritage Studies, and Tourism Studies.


  • Immersion Program in Hebrew: 6-week Immersion Program online option for 6 credits (as well as a 7-week Immersion Program in-person for 9 credits).



  1. Refresher Courses: 4-week online Refresher or 1-week in-person Refresher
  2. Advanced Online Course: Summer 2022 advanced online course is “Russian Verbs of Motion.”


Please see Summer 2022 COVID-19 updates. Middlebury Language Schools plan to run our programs this summer in-person. Hebrew and Russian have online options, as well as in-person. Learn more.