The vigorous curriculum of the Language Schools, which includes Middlebury’s proprietary Language Pledge®, re­sults in rapid language learning and cultural fluency.

Master’s students meet over the summer in Middlebury and in Bennington, Vermont. Students have the flexibility to complete their graduate degrees over four six-week summer sessions with the option to study abroad for the year.

"Oops, I forgot my English!"

In class we usually have to focus on a lot of, our content is more. And when we’re in the, when we’re in the cafeteria we also can learn how to speak like colloquial. Participate in extracurricular, yeah, like kung fu or volleyball. So what was that again? What did I say?

I said, sorry. Yeah, it is a little bit hard. Okay. I’m thinking. Day and night. Everyday, you have to speak Chinese. It’s like chop, chop, chop, chop, chop.

I think because when we are in class we usually concentrate most of our energy on formal written Chinese. But because during meal time we eat with teachers, friends, and other students we can learn how to speak colloquially and this is very useful.