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Dayve Huckett, Guitar, Ukulele

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Dayve Huckett is a guitarist who has been a performing musician from the age of 12. Originally from Kansas City, he’s been performing and teaching in New England since 1980.

Dayve has been teaching at Middlebury College since 2006 and has taught at Middlebury Community Music Center since day 1 in 2013. dayve performs regularly throughout Vermont and has 13 recordings to date, which include a wide repertoire of original compositions and unique cover songs.  

Learn guitar & ukulele in many styles.

Develop your songwriting. Work on fingerstyle solo guitar.

Learn music through notation, tablature and by ear.

All musical levels are welcome, beginners included.


A guitar is provided for lessons if the student doesn’t have one.








Department of Music

Mahaney Center for the Arts
72 Porter Field Road
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753