The exterior of the building at dusk.
Johnson Plaza: Elevated above its surroundings yet universally accessible, the Johnson Plaza serves as a gathering space for students and as a performance stage overlooking the future Arts Quad. The brightly lit pavilion invites all to enter. 
The entrance to Johnson, feature a glassed-in pavillion.
Johnson Pavilion: The new entry pavilion functions as a beacon to the renovated building and dramatically enhances its presence on the North Campus. The white volume relates to the portico of Wright Theater next-door.
A class is gathered in the bright naturally lit pavilion.
Johnson Pavilion: The new entry pavilion provides a warm and inviting space for classes to gather or for students to work quietly in a beautiful setting. 
Three floors are connected by stairways and an elevator
The Central Elevator is brightly lit from within and provides access to all floors.
An architecture studio meets in the atrium.
The Johnson Atrium constitutes the central core of the building. The three-story high space is topped by a set of magnificent coffers providing a monumental quality to the space. 

The Johnson Mezzanine overlooks the Atrium and provides vistas into nearly all other parts of the building. The upper level of the space is equipped with video projectors for the display of digital student work. 
The atrium is open to all three floors.
Architectural Studies encompasses most of the second level, with studios for intro, intermediate and thesis work. Studios are taught by practicing architects working with the latest digital technology and imaging software. A shared Media Lab provides studio art and architecture students with access to specialized software by means of a dozen computer terminals.
The life drawing studio
Numerous Studios are bathed in natural light with beautiful views and are designed specifically for all levels of Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture. Many have direct access to the outside to allow for working “en plein air.” A Paint Booth adjacent to both the Wood Shop and the Makerspace has an industrial-quality ventilation set-up entirely separate from the building’s HVAC systems. A Photography Suite includes a classroom, photo shoot set-up, digital processing lab, and analog dark room with a light lock.
Students at work in the printmaking studio.
Printing Studios are devoted to printmaking processes such as intaglio and silk screening and are equipped with fume hoods to safely deal with the chemicals involved in many of the involved processes. All studios benefit from  natural light sources and incredible views of the surrounding lands and mountains.
The interior of the student-run Johnson Gallery.
Johnson Exhibition Gallery: A community gallery intended for fast-rotating exhibitions of student work (often curated by students), displays of the art work of community artists, student organizations, and work of visiting artists and visiting architects.