Hometown: Falmouth, Maine

Major: Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (MBBC)

Minor: Global Health 

Main extracurricular activities: Middlebury Club Nordic, research position in a biology lab

Why did you choose to attend Middlebury? I knew I wanted a small school in the Northeast and I fell in love with Middelbury the moment I stepped on campus for my tour during junior year of high school. Once I learned more about the programs Middlebury had to offer in the sciences at a liberal arts college, I was hooked. Alongside Middlebury’s picturesque mountains and the collaborative academic settings, I knew Middlebury was the school for me. 

Favorite study spot? BiHall nooks (specifically 4th floor south facing)

Favorite food in the dining hall? The pasta bar lunch at Atwater 

Where did you study abroad, or where would you study abroad if you could? I studied at DIS in Copenhagen in the spring of 2023

Favorite Vermont spot? Lake Dunmore or any of the hikes

One fun fact about you or unknown talent you have: During my febmester I worked on a farm and learned how to milk a cow!