An aerial view of the campus with the mountains in the distance.
An aerial view of the campus with the mountains in the distance.

Each year, we welcome new students and families from around the world.

Whether you arrive in September or February, this guide will help you better understand and acclimate to all things Middlebury.

As a new student, please complete the following action items immediately:

Set Up Your Middlebury College Email

If you haven’t already activated your email account, do it now. It’s our primary source of communication during these prearrival months, and you don’t want to miss anything important. You should have received emailed instructions needed for this process. Once you’ve activated your account, check your email regularly.

Start Your Prearrival Checklist on BannerWeb

BannerWeb is Middlebury’s online database for academic and personal information. It also serves as the main place to complete all the tasks you need to do before you arrive on campus.

Our orientation page has detailed prearrival checklists for new first-year, transfer, and exchange students joining us in the fall, as well as checklists for new first-year Febs, transfer, and exchange students coming to Middlebury in February, as follows:

Fall Arrival

February Arrival

Many checklist items are due immediately, and some over the next few months, so please review your specific prearrival checklist to make sure you don’t miss any important deadlines! All can be completed easily and electronically on BannerWeb. Log in with your Middlebury email address and password.

Monitor Orientation Plans 

Please review the orientation website. If you have questions that can’t be answered by consulting the website, email or call us at 802-443-3006.

Set Up Your Middlebury College Health Portal

Activate your Health Portal and do the following:

  • Obtain your immunization records and compare them to the Vermont requirements. Do not wait until you have a doctor’s appointment to do this. Call your doctor’s office and ask for a copy of the records, then follow the portal instructions for uploading the forms.
  • Complete online forms and upload health forms. All are due June 15. Students who do not meet the Vermont state immunization requirements will be excluded from campus. Visit the Parton Health Center for details.
  • For international students only: If required immunizations are not available in your home country, complete a request for provisional admittance with a plan to receive vaccines at the College health center upon arrival. 

Complete Your Insurance Waiver and Enrollment Form

All students must have health insurance. You must choose to either enroll or opt out of the Student Health Insurance Plan. Students arriving in February will be able to waive or enroll starting November 1.

Submit Your ID Photo

Your MiddCard is your main form of ID while you’re at Middlebury. You’ll need it for a range of things, including access to buildings. Visit the MiddCard page for more information about how to submit your ID photo.

Add Parents or Guardians to BannerWeb

When it comes to sharing information and event invitations, we send more emails than hard copies these days. Help us keep your family up-to-date by adding their email addresses in BannerWeb.