Compass helps students chart their paths through Middlebury, offering guidance and support as they explore everything Middlebury has to offer.

Working in partnership with offices and programs across campus, Compass helps connect students with important resources and unique opportunities to build meaningful relationships with peers and mentors, discover who they are and who they want to be, and develop essential life skills to be successful in college and beyond. Each year brings with it new challenges and experiences, as well as new opportunities for personal exploration, reflection, and growth. With support from Compass mentors, advisors, deans, coaches, and peers, students will be able to take charge of their college journeys and craft meaningful Middlebury experiences.

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Chart Your Path

Each year, you’ll be supported by a team of people and a range of activities that can help with every aspect of your Middlebury experience.

Students in a first year seminar discussion.

Year One

Learn about Yourself and Explore Middlebury

You’ll start by identifying your personal interests, goals, and curiosities as you explore everything Midd has to offer.    

Core Support Team
First-Year Dean, FYS Faculty/Advisor, Compass Mentor

First Year

  • Orientation (and pre-orientation programs)
  • First-year Compass mentoring
    • How-to college life skills (study skills, time management, financial wellness) 
  • First-year seminar
    • An opening seminar like no other, you’ll not only get a good start at Midd, but you’ll also make progress identifying and charting your path through Middlebury with your academic advisor. 
Students on an internship in California studying the effects of waste in the oceans.

Year Two

Find Your Place at Midd and Beyond

Take advantage of the experiential learning and cocurricular activities to align your personal and professional interests. 


Core Support Team
Sophomore Dean, FYS Advisor/Academic Advisor, MiddMentor, Career Advisor

Sophomore Year

  • Major declaration celebrations
    • You’ll select your major by the spring of your sophomore year.
  • Life skills modules (finding internships, planning/goal setting) 
  • MiddMentors alumni mentoring
  • Service-connected learning, MAlt trips
  • Summer exploration
    • Experiential learning activities: Language Schools, internships, and career explorations
Junior interviewing with an alum in Washington, DC.

Year Three

Find and Follow Your Spark

Building on experiences and skills developed during the first two years, you will channel your energy toward personally meaningful opportunities that support your academic, personal, and professional goals.


Core Support Team
Junior/Senior Dean, Academic Advisor, Career Advisor

Junior Year

  • Life skills modules (MiddConnect mentoring, networking, interviewing, activism/advocacy)
  • Study abroad, Student Treks, off-campus experiences (networking, interviewing, activism/advocacy)
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Career skills: networking, etiquette dinner 
  • Related academic: MiddCORE, Summer Intern Lab
  • Check-in with multiple people on your support team: key mentors and advisors in CCI, academic departments, Compass mentor, Midd2Midd alumni mentors and contacts
Girl reading in the grass outside a dorm.

Year Four

Prepare for Life beyond Midd

Your last year at Midd is when you prepare to put your liberal arts education into action…honing your skills to be successful in whatever path you choose.


Core Support Team
Junior/Senior Dean, Academic Advisor, Career Advisor

Senior Year

  • Life skills modules designed for seniors/life after graduation, Design Your Life, connect with alumni network (graduate school/career search, financial wellness)  
  • Center for Careers and Internships: postgraduation planning
  • Celebratory/reflection dinner event 
  • Senior year tradition activities

Compass Mentoring

As you get to know your orientation group, you’ll develop relationships with a cohort of students that will be a part of a larger mentoring group. You’ll be paired with a College staff or faculty member who will serve as your mentor.

A professor and student sit in chairs outside on a fall day to discuss a project.

Compass mentors are selected from around the College and represent some of the College’s best of the best. Your mentor will work one-on-one with you to help you as you articulate your values, interests, and goals. With the help of your mentor, you will learn more about the vast opportunities available to Middlebury students and begin charting a path to take advantage of resources that will help you explore your interests and achieve your dreams.

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