Jenn M
Stewart Hall

Jenn’s professional background is in mental health and she appreciates the variety of people she has met and been able to assist in their life paths. Jenn enjoys being a cheerleader for folx, but she’s also pretty straight forward and will call you out with a reality check when needed. Jenn recognizes we all have our own journeys and what works for one person may not for another. She appreciates finding strengths in people, leading with gratitude, and seeking the positive from even negative circumstances. Before Jenn earned a BA in Psychology she also worked a variety of jobs including: concert security, music store manager, and ferry deckhand. 

Jenn actually grew up in Middlebury until her family moved to Chittenden County Vermont (just outside of Burlington). She had childhood dreams of attending Middlebury College, but it turns out she’s a terrible student and that would not become a part of her path. Jenn went to college at a small liberal arts school in New Hampshire instead. After graduating Jenn recognized she was lacking experience with cultural diversity and moved to the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas. After two years; the trees, mountains, weather, and fresh waters of Vermont were calling her home, eventually leading to her return to Middlebury, a community she truly loves. In Jenn’s free time she enjoys backyard camp fires, gardening, animals (her dog, Tela, joins us at work on occasion), crafting, food, baseball, road trips and going to Phish concerts. Along with her dog Tela, Jenn also shares a home with her cat (Jimmy Page), two turtles (Lenny and Carl), and her husband.