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Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Major: International Global Studies

Concentration: Gender and Sexuality Studies

Minor: African Studies and Chinese

Main extracurricular activities: UMOJA, International Students Organization, Student Government Association, Residential Life

Why did you choose to attend Middlebury? Studying languages was one of my passions in high school and after researching Middlebury’s language programs and courses, I knew that I would be able to find the discipline to achieve fluency. I also wanted to connect to other students who have a passion for languages. Beyond languages, I didn’t know what I wanted to study. Middlebury’s flexibility and diversity of classes let me explore before deciding on a major.

Favorite study spot? BiHall Nooks

Favorite food in the dining hall? Tiramisu or Cream Puffs

Where did you study abroad, or where would you study abroad if you could? I will study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa.

Favorite Vermont spot? Lake Dunmore

One fun fact about you or unknown talent you have: I am a triplet!