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Climate Change, Climate Justice: An Essential Conversation *
Pakistan under water, farmworkers picking berries in 115-degree heat, Puerto Rico without power. Climate change is here. And the iron law of climate change is: the less you did to cause it, the quicker and harder it hits you. That’s one reason why, over recent years, the U.S. and global climate movements have increasingly morphed into climate justice movements. And it’s why those communities that are hardest hit are in the forefront of the fight for change. By hearing directly from stakeholders and movement leaders, this course will focus on how we understand and measure climate impacts, what just response to the climate crisis might look like, and how activists and scientists are working to achieve those goals. Look at the ways we can show up and cultivate community. This course will provide participants with greater capacity to evaluate and advance climate justice efforts. Pass/Fail.

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Winter 2021



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