Hometown: Orlando, Florida

Major: Sociology

Minor: Film & Media Culture

Main extracurricular activities: Varsity Women’s Golf, Middlebury Consulting Group, Korean American Student Association

Why did you choose to attend Middlebury? My final decision came down to a large private university in Southern California and Middlebury College—two very different options! Ultimately, my decision to attend Middlebury was most heavily influenced by the generous financial aid package and the opportunity for me to walk onto the varsity golf team. Now entering my fourth and final year at Middlebury, I couldn’t be more sure of my choice!

Favorite study spot? Crossroads Café or Axinn basement

Favorite food in the dining hall? Atwater’s kale salad or black pepper tofu from Ross

Where did you study abroad, or where would you study abroad if you could? I was accepted into the CMRS Oxford Humanities Program for Spring 2023 but ultimately chose to stay at Middlebury. 

Favorite Vermont spot? Camel’s Hump and Lake Champlain

One fun fact about you or unknown talent you have: I’m a third degree black belt in Taekwondo and I hiked the Vermont Long Trail this past summer!